The Course

Come to Photo Holidays Sussex – our new inspiring weekend course by the sea and with the rolling landscape of the South Downs nearby.

Come and refine your Landscape/Portrait skills, increase your confidence, learn new skills and be inspired.

The sea and landscapes are dramatic, wild, or cool and gentle. The Cuckmere river meanders gently to the sea, bordered by grassy meadows where sheep and cows graze and the spring lambs frolic.



The course starts at 9.30am at our house in Seaford.
Over tea and coffee we will discuss what inspires you and what you hope to learn from the 2 days.

Various locations we hope to visit:
Coast Guards cottages over looking Cuckmere meanders and White Cliffs of the Seven Sisters
Belle Tout lighthouse and Beachy Head
Long Man of Wilmington / Birling Gap / Poppy Fields
Cuckmere meanders and South Down Way
Barns and other Buildings + Night shots

If it is wet: We may shoot in monochrome or take Portraits and/or Still Life at the house

Lunch: Back at the house or Pub lunch
Critical review of your work so far, looking at your pictures from a technical perspective, and discussing how they might have been improved upon. (Bring your card readers and lap-tops or tablet to review and present your work).

Late afternoon: To a different location and a different light
Light supper at the house followed by night photography in the historical town of Lewes. (Don’t forget your tripod!)
Back to Seaford and to your accommodation for the night


Start at 9.30am or, weather permitting, an early start for the Sunrise!!
Back to house for breakfast, coffee etc.
Then out again to a new location

Lunch followed by time to review your work, edit, select etc. to show your best pictures and discussion/critical review - Evaluation and home